Henry E. Liebling

Henry E. Liebling is co-founder of More Virtual.com and SBTA, Inc. He is a seasoned consultant, with considerable experience with virtual collaboration, distance learning, sales performance training, customer experience management, and business processes. He began using “virtual tools” in 1992.

He has written and self-published four books on virtual collaboration and virtual teaching and learning, using web and video conferencing. In 2017, Henry expects to complete books and media on web and video conferencing for Non-Profit Organizations and Education.

  • The Web Conferencing Imperative for Collaboration, Productivity, and Training
  • The Web Conferencing IDEA Book for Learning and Human Resources
  • The Web Conferencing IDEA Book for Marketing and Sales
  • The Web Conferencing IDEA Book for Government

Henry has designed training programs for AT&T, Abbott Laboratories, BellSouth, IBM, Microsoft, Monster Worldwide and United Healthgroup. He has promoted volunteerism for: Corporate Volunteers of New York City, National Urban League, State of New Jersey, and Center for NonProfit Organizations (NJ).

Henry Liebling’s Non-Profit and Citizen Involvement experience. (PDF) Click here

He is passionate about using web and video collaboration tools and processes to increase literacy. Henry came to the literacy field in 2014 after watching an adult literacy class taught on public television. That motivated him to conduct web research and he was totally shocked by the facts and statistics he found. As he says, “I had a blind spot to illiteracy.” Since 2014, he has been on the path of learning about the impact of low literacy, children’s brain development, the 30 million word gap, the cycle of poverty, and the very powerful indicator of school success and graduation ... being able to read on grade level by 3rd grade. He has also worked on a two-generation family literacy program (that has not yet fully launched).

He holds a Master of Public Administration (Maxwell Graduate School of Citizenship and Public Affairs) and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Syracuse University. He has studied Behavioral Science and Organizational Development at University of California. He has been a volunteer and/or Board member for community organizations, one of which was a Business-Education Partnership. Henry and his wife (Ruth Ann Forrester) have conducted youth development for Boys and Girls Clubs of America.


Ruth Ann Forrester

Ruth Ann is co-founder of MoreVirtual.com and SBTA, Inc. She began working with technology early in her career. She partnered in the writing and design of the More Virtual Web Conferencing books. In 1992, she started using "virtual tools."

She partners with our clients in developing publications, training materials, and media on collaborative work and blended learning. Ruth Ann is highly skilled in delivery of virtual training, instructional design, and materials development.

She is a meeting facilitator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming principles. Her career experience includes 12 years with MONY Financial Services where she was part of the team that developed their Sales Office Manager Training Program and Employee Assistance Program. She also assisted in the development and delivery of end-user training for MONY's computer systems and applications. She was Director of Usability Assessment and Training for a software company. She has been recognized for her active community involvement and attended a college in northeast Georgia. Ruth Ann and her husband (Henry Liebling) have conducted youth development for Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Ruth Ann has worked on projects for BellSouth, Blue Cross Blue Shield, FAXLink Plus (Audio Fax), Hoboken High School, Monster Worldwide, Inc., Rollins-Orkin, and others.

Ruth Ann was the founder of a non-profit advocacy organization for adults with disabilities; she uses web conferencing in its operation.